I believe faith is one of the most important things to own in this world. It cannot be bought. It cannot be bottled and sold. It can only come from within and come from God. Jesus Christ. The previous sentence may not look like a sentence at all, but it is to me. Jesus Christ, PERIOD. He is my Savior, and in Him I will have my faith. If it wasn't for Him, there would be no need or desire for faith. Faith in Him can be, and is to me, the most important ownership on the earth. No riches, no glory, no fame, no accomplishment is more important that what He did for me (and for you) on the cross about 2000 years ago. I think in amazement at the mercy and love showed to the world, that God would give up His own Son, just for the underachievement of His creation. We are His creation. We don't live up to what He has in purpose for us. We fail, big time. In response to this, He sent a sacrifice to cover up for our spiritual condition, the sin nature. This way, being that God cannot look upon sin, He can still take us in His arms and love us again. He loves us very much. Even when we spit in his face. I know I do it on a daily basis, just by ignoring what He has blatantly told me to do. And when I think about what I'm doing, I notice that He doesn't love me any less, but just disappointed in me. And when you love someone, you want to make the effort to improve, a way to rekindle the relationship. This is done through the work of the Holy Spirit and through Jesus Christ. There is no other way.

John 14:6, "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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